Need A Knee Brace For Pets?

Though it may have never occurred to you, the truth is that pets have bones, muscles, and tendons just like humans do. Obviously the structures and ways they are put together are different, but that doesn’t exclude pets from having injuries and needing similar types of treatments, including surgery, braces, casts and more.

Some of the newest technology available for pets these days is braces.

Braces are mainly used when there are problems with arthritis, muscle weakness, pain or weakness in the joints, hip problems, and more. They should be quality made, and comfortable so as to protect against chaffing and sores.

One of the most common would be knee brace for pets. Knee braces are normally used after surgeries on one or more of the many ligaments found in the knee. Knees braces provide support, stability, and help to prevent the loss of muscle during the recuperation process, as well as helping to prevent and reduce the risk of new injuries. They can also be used while waiting for surgery.

Elbow braces can be used to help support the articulations after a surgery or to help reduce the pain of arthritis, degenerative sicknesses, and help to proportion control in lateral movements while also permitting the normal extension of the elbow. Front elbow joints are used in cases of degenerative joint problems, arthritis, dysplasia, and instability. They are also normally used for long-term applications. Either flexible or adjustable joints are available, based on the diagnosis of the veterinarian.

Wrist braces, also called carpal braces, are used to help correct various symptoms like strains, hyper extension, instability of the joints, carpal collapse, and more. These are mostly long-term options when nerve damage occurs, but can also be used short term before or after surgery.

There are a lot of different braces as well as reasons a pet may need one. The most common braces are knew braces for dogs, primarily due to ACL or CCL injuries. Braces help control the movements that a joint can and cannot make, which makes it safer for your pet to move around without making the injury worse or feeling more pain.

Many times, knee braces are used when surgery is not an option, or after surgery until the pet has recovered strength and mobility. Sometimes surgery is not available due to the age of the pet, when surgery is too expensive, or when the recovery period may be too long or difficult.

Costs of braces vary, usually depending on the size and weight of the dog. Many can be custom made to help your pet feel more comfortable and with less pain.

knee brace for pets

If you feel that your pet may need a brace, consult with a veterinarian, who can help diagnose the problem, the cause, and what sort of treatments would be best for your dog. He or she can also point you to the best place to purchase or have custom made a brace for your pet.