Can I Make a Living Off YouTube?

If you have thought long and hard and you have come to the conclusion that you want to make a living by being a YouTube star, then we think you need to know about a few things. The first bit of information we are going to give you should seem obvious, but it is not to many people: very few on YouTube make enough money to justify it being their main job. Yes, we can understand why you would see the big people on YouTube and you would think the experience they are having is the same as everyone else.

But what we are also going to see is that if you are the type of person who is going to make it on this site, you will have to go against the odds. That does not mean you are bound to fail, it just means that you must know what is ahead. There is a reason why most people who have YouTube channels have other jobs too. They need another way of making money, because unless you are getting 30,000 or 40,000 views and you are making a few videos each week, you are probably not making enough money to justify this being the only thing that you do.

That being said, we do have some ways that you can ensure that you are giving yourself the best possible chance of making it on this platform. One of the methods that we would tell everyone about is how you are going to buy YouTube subscribers and use that to your advantage. When you buy YouTube subscribers and views, what you are doing is giving yourself that short term boost that you need if you want to find success. As we should mention, this is not a long term solution. But what it is doing is giving you a chance.

buy YouTube subscribers

What type of chance? The chance that people are going to come on your videos and they are going to see what you are all about. This would not happen otherwise, as you would barely have any viewers. Let us say you have two videos out and each of them got you a few hundred views. As you would see, this will not even get you monetized. You need a certain number of views before YouTube is even going to let you monetize your channel.

And even if you are monetizing, you will only get the best and highest number of ads related to your channel if you are going and bringing in a ton of views. This does not mean that you should always buy views, as that is counterproductive. But what it means is that you may have to do this for a few weeks. You may have to do this for five or six videos, because you want to build up that subscriber and viewer base in quick time. You do not have the time to wait, because you want this to become your full time job!